Conversation with friend - new beginning

conversation today with a lil friend of mine, whom i havent seen for while after i went to home and returned here…sherly the little sherly who always smile and cheerful although she is nervous inside.

"i wish i am just a dumb person and don’t have a soulful heart and not worry about relationship and not afraid about being lonely…I guess there’s no such thing call perfect human.." we just enjoy what we have, be a good person to yourself and others you love, and be honest.It’s all that matters and trusted..

if its only a feeling.

it doesn’t have to relate with your nightmare…although dreams may possibly relate with my subconcious mind,

so, i will need to have self reflection and self assesment again..this weekend, at least before my coming new age,

in the mean time, eat more brownies...

How do you feel today? i a fine, i have started sorrow every little moments i feel sad thinking about leaving mother, family and friends, and stay smiling on the day i leave thinking that i will see my new life in here perhaps and new friends. But i will return even before you know it !

Yes, go for your dreams, make them come true and be true to yourself .InsyaAllah!


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