swing the headache


sedang mikir..
lagi2 mikir..
i miss those dack eyes how you look me at one of those moment....
i miss the way we smile...

Like there's no sunrise like the taste of your smile i miss the way we breathe, langsung saja..
saat ini aku ingin kau katakan bahwa adaka ito hati?..

But i never told you what i should have said no, i never told you i just held it in...
and now...
i miss everything about you can't believe that i still want..and after all the things we've been through i miss everything...
without you..
peristiwa2 itu memang mengganggu..
tapi aku jelani seharian dengan menariknya....
everytime i close mine you make it hard to see where i belong to when im not around you
it's like im alone with me..
dan sekali ini aku ingin diam..
tidak berucap apa pon ito..
aku ingin yang bicarakan..



p/s: life idak semunya strike~~


n4dh!3r4 said...

men bowling tak ajak pun... [-__-]

muSHANG said...

meh meh...laen kali ni mahai tol... :]

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