once youre asleep..

i dont know are you really sleeping,,
or maybe you just close your eyes in front of me..

i dont know what are you thinking that time..
i try not to care about it..

you not talk a lot lately..
i try not to care about it..

i was waiting for you to speak..
but i tried not to care about it..

maybe youre tired..
thats what im thinking..

maybe youre sleepy..
thats what im thinking..


i cant wake you up and say good nite..
i wont wake you up when youre asleep..

i just wanna look at your face..
and see the beauty of love..

good nite..


n4dh!3r4 said...

semalam tertido la.. hihi =P

muSHANG said...

hahaha...semua org da tido..boring subuh2 taw :p

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