Being... next to you

The season quietly informed us of the end. Gathered up in the painted memories..
Goodbye, to that person who loved me..wavering in these eyes...

Like a feeling i've been cut off from, I couldn't trust it from the start. As i was left behind by this ever changing street...Those people, who were always coming and going can be felt now in the distance. Even the noise grows dim and fades away in a single breath. The empty space stared at meOn a boring day off. Without any sort of finish, you continue to be washed away...

Even though i knew better, i pretended not to notice the pretense I was drowned in it, always
Thinking about someoneBecause even a side view of their face was heavenly...

Later... just how long has it been?
Being... next to you
While thinking... of that, it was carved in time

It adds up and keeps returning... like a wave
Running away with this heart...

This ever changing street, overflowed with a sigh..


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