silent emotion

tonite, i really really miss my parents while im alone.., and a li’l bit miss the place that i called home...

I’m getting jealous when my siblings..and my friends say they are going with their families.

I don’t mean that my family in north-west coast of the island of Borneo is unmeaningful, but.. I miss my parents.

You all,who lived with your matter it’s complete or not, always find a placed called home when you feel so suck with your daily life.

I believe,you don’t have to think about where to find meal for dinner.

You also don’t have to make a reminder about taking a dirty clothes to the laundry.

…This year has seemed like one massive life challenge in which perhaps some higher power is wondering how much adversity my family can overcome. My mother has displayed a fortitude I never knew she had. Hope has been a theme in many of my pictures this year. As long as we are alive on this earth, as long as our strength and will are tested and we come out as survivors as we have all along, we cannot let go of hope.

I now understand the deception of shock and how through time, shock will eventually wear off and reality must take over. My mom is very depressed these days, and I feel helpless. There is no way to ‘fix’ this.

I’m so sorry,if this blog sounds underestimating..

I just really miss,the m0ments when i can hug my mum,twice everyday:after home, and before i go to bed..apakah ngeee~~

I really miss doing a silly jokes with my mother every days.

I miss the smell of the sand and sea,that blended with the smell of smoke from bbq fish/squid, when we having a candlelite seaside dinner…

I miss you, sun my soul!


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