Though alone, I think that I can make it... the far off tomorrow before dawn. My strong, jumbled feelings...
Love the circles!
...will hit each other again tonight.

The scars left from all my hard work... ...leave me walking on a tightrope, even farther away from my goal. It seems like I lose at everything I do these days. It would just be easier to give up. With all your might, hide the struggles you're going through. Life is so short.

If I just put my strong feelings in charge, Then I will have a chance at my dream again. My revenues and expenditures of life are far from perfect. I wonder if there's such a thing as hitting bottom?

I only have a certain amount of luck to last me untill I die. So at least let me get in a try of my own. Even you, who do not understand, only needs to change your way of thought.
No matter how many times you kick me away..
you just judge wrong about me..

I still love you It's unbelievable how many hits I can take But tonight,
just as with last night, I can't sleep at all.
No matter how many times I repeat it over to myself I come to the conclusion that I love you Being ashamed of my inextinguishable, strong feelings... what I've been doing wrong all along.
Though alone, I'm gonna make it... the far off tomorrow before dawn.
My feelings for you are so deep...
...that it doesn't matter if destiny doesn't help me find you.


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