Cinta kamo!!!

I love you and want this pain to go away. For both of us to be happy again, to move on from that day. Our once almost perfect relationship seems to have taken a bruising over the last year or so and that itself has really been hurtful.

I love you and seeing you cry just destroys me inside, my fault. What more I have to look at ur salty tearing eyes and sweet smile. Our late night calls to try and solve things has taken a toll on you what i keep hard trying to explain to you whats the truth going on, but you never turn up after that and should i'm so sorry for that. I've really tried moving on, but its just too hard and painful.

I love you with my heart and more and i'm sure we can work things out. And if we cant, I want you to know that you'll forever have a place in my heart. To me, you're truly more than just my girlfriend. because im happy with you, we're great together. ;]


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