In loving memory

Thanks for all you've done
I've missed you for so long,
I can't believe your gone

You still live in me,
I feel you in the wind,
You guide me constantly

I never knew what it was to be alone no,
Because you were always there for me,
You were always waiting.

Now I come home and I miss your face so,
Smiling down on me,

I close my eyes to see and I know
You're a part of me, and its in your heart
That sets me free
I sing it while
I feel I cant hold on
I sing tonight
Because it comforts me

I carry the things that remind me of you,
In loving memory of,
The one that was so true

You were as kind as you could be,
And even though you're gone,
You still mean the world to me

I can't believe you're gone
And I know

I'm glad it set you free from sorrow,
I'll still love you more tomorrow,
And you'll be here with me still.

All you did, you did with feeling,
And you always found the meaning,
And you always will...........


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