Kittenz I Hate You

Are im to rush into developing a relationship? This happens with some of me, when im find that most of your friends have a regular mate, or that the time to marry is right, or when you feel the lack of a companion. Im rush into a relationship. Im are ready to settle with someone who you feel may not be right for me, im seriously done this feeling before im gonna tell you fiera. That is an invitation to future problems. Why do people behave like this? What can be done? Hate you, are im?

Feeling the urge to get into a relationship is natural. It is biological and there is nothing wrong about it, even i i never meet that person before. Rather it is an essential part of growth. The problem arises when you go into a relationship to satisfy some other desires that are not part of the relationship. For example, if you face career, or home or health problems, you may feel that getting a companion may help solve these problems. Im may be feeling frustrated with your present state and need someone with im to live a happy life. This may hurt this relationship, because im are entering with my own baggage. To avoid that happening, i have two choices. Either set i life straight or search for someone who will be supportive from the beginning. I must tell myself prospective partner, about how im feel and get an assurance that they will support.

Sometimes, a repeated failure in getting into a relation makes you feel insufficient. I want to feel good about myselves and not insufficient. That may make i rush into a relationship without much thought. You want a partner and that is im need because otherwise i feel that i are a failure. This will also invite problems. If i are sure about myself, wait and get into relationship with the right person. Don’t rush for the reason that i need someone, so that i don’t feel like a failure. Before entering into a relationship, assess myself, im needs, find out about the kind of partner i are looking for and then look for kittenz. That is the right way to get joy.


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