al0nE iN tHe daRk looKING soMethiNg loSt

I'm bored like planner I left in my hard to memorize activities that I left just for two minutes..WHY??? or else, getting old and lost my memory slowly...sigh* I thought I put my planner inside bag but it was not..sadly, i can't make an adjustment for my budget and wanna do some money rehab..just because of planner I was boring..NOOOT!!! hurmmmm I took a few lessons from making blog and why do we should not post all those bad and good feelings here, because blog isn't a diary (for me) or do this CCM as known Cyber CSR Community, sometime this make me excited make this work..and it's public! so I can't on and on opened heart-topic as usually...and make more interesting..perhaps

Dangerously, if I too damn honest or someones kick myself out..too lot stories I did not tell here anymore, if I to innocent, I'll get revenge as a past...there is something that hold my back, I don't know should I open this topic out of my bottom heart just only to scavenge and plea of the best solution..don't care either....
I'm so lucky that got friends around me will stand and rise together in any situation....sometime i not in the mood to do anything...anything at soul has been taken away and never return at all, what should i do then? why this happen to me??..bCOZ I'm too blur n bad..bad..bad person of the year can't stand it anymore yuy, u killing me softly...huuuu~~.......what the heck i mumble here..emmm
I am bedroom alone!!! don't ever get me wrong..
closed the topic above..
I know this is not a hot page for everyone to pass by here everyday to drop 'hi' by..
but nowadays I noticed who strangers trying to become my follower*..from extended network..
please and please,I won't block you as long as you mail me first..I don't ever mind or drop some message via any of post..I'll understand..Okay..or else you just wanna make some long list of follower or blog-list I'll delete you straight I mentioned early, it's public..but I have my own way to handle my page and the group too...huhu~~
p/s: lessening Leona Lewis, album Spirit...nice voice..


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