al0nE iN tHe daRk looKING soMethiNg loSt PART 2

Her makes me smile, from the inside out...more than simple laughs..felt from deep within..this is a soul blend..teaing us together like we'r... are the next love trend feeling is so divine..intertwined with u and its just the little things u do turning an unsure day into a beautiful night into more than a bliss this innocent heart meet... is what I've always missed u crept in... and i felt u...but its more than mere physical attraction its a soul to soul.. cuz u help me to grow on a mental and spiritual.. level, you make me smile form my insides.. stirring up something that..i could have only dreamed.. but afraid to dream the prayer only my heart could have prayed..not afraid to be the some one who u see me to be cuz i feel so comfortable in you warming/loving company and I have to praise and thank God each and EVERY day for sending such a wonderful beautiful Queen my way cuz it was only Her grace that saw favor in me... to place a girl like my life... u make me smile form my insides.. and this feeling,why it still strong? like it never touching at all,emm before it too late.. more than a feeling i can no longer hide it consumes me... and i just cant keep it to myself so i wont...


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