kittenz see u at the crossroads...perhaps

Where are you kittenz, wonder why i keep looking for you? Have you ever reached a part in your life, where there stands a crossroad of sorts with multiple paths leading, beckoning and taunting, to walk into the hazy path.

Have you ever felt like you were on track, determined and sure, only to have the ground pulled out beneath your feet, leaving you lost.

Have you ever wondered what its like, if only you had made that one tiny seemingly inconsequential decision, that could have changed what-was and what-could-have-been.

Can you make the choice, knowing you’d bring down ruin on what you have worked so hard for, and yet giving freedom to those to cared for.

Can you set free what you hold dear, with no expectations of rewards, giving your all, leaving you bereft, with no dreams of return.

I don’t regret my decisions, i do choice. I made a mistake, what done is done, hoping that I just might be right, taking a change, yet failing in perhaps overestimating your capabilities. The blame is mine, yet I can’t but help to hope, that you’d do okay. Maybe its better for you this way...but i don't really like because..

Am I emo? Perhaps. Should i have for second change for all troubles that i made, no ones know.

I go through everyday motions, hoping to feel, to know, to remember.

I feel lost akin to being adrift in a wide ocean, seeing no land in sight. A mere compass would give no peace of heart anymore. I want to remember the feel of solid ground, to breathe the fresh air, to see with clarity the colours surrounding me. The temptation of letting go, hoping perhaps to soar, after plunging into the deep dark unknowns.

Perhaps its time to look at things from a new perspective.

Forgive me, i was damn wrong. Shrugging off the past is more difficult than I expected.
Perhaps I was weaker than I thought.


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