All time favourite bands-Samsons

The songs from Penantian Hidup album, Mighty To Save has been in my heart for the last two weeks.

Although i heard it many times on the CD, it only sorta jumped out at me when i saw the video in song Hey Gadis becouse the video clip was make in animation and it's really funny (it's remind me to some one, u should watch it). The song is written by Irfan Aulia (gitaris) of most the songs . When the video showed Luluh…. wow …. the chorus really jumped out at me.

Penantian Hidup Platinum Edition 2008

<span class=Samsons, Penantian Hidup Platinum Edition Albums
Some hits songs in this album is Seandainya, Jika aku harus bermimpi, Hening n Kisah tidak sempurna. Love it.! Karen banget om!!!


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