Sail to Langkawi~~

Choosing a targets for the holidays and spent my holiday time,was twise is visiting me since last chinese new year. Was not that easy, I’ve been to Pulau Perhentian the week before, and thank god the flights to Bali where quite expensive cant follow my rumate (elsewhere we could have ended up in a resort in the immediate vicinity of the bombing, which Ben would have recommended emmm...). So it was Langkawi once again. But the Island is a decent place to have some relaxed party. So we spent most of the daytime chilling at the beach and the evening eating and having some drinks at the reggae bar( drank coke lol) – which has shifted it’s place to another location, but still offers the same selection of cheap place for MENU, and the same band. There are no really special incidents to write about. You can see a selection of images here.

I have just returned from a weekend getaway from Langkawi 3 weeks' ago. Apart from spending time alone, i managed to squeeze in some time to look at venues for sort time vacation (more about that once things are more firmed). Langkawi change alots the last i goes thre last year for raya. (i got step family there hehe..)


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