Ong Bak 2

I really DAMN like this movies becouse if time watch it i feel like tony jaa hek2.. The action will incorporate khon, the sacred Thai masked dance. The title roughly translates to "venomous boy" and involves a character whose dark side is dormant until he's transformed by the gracious power of khon dance. Tony Jaa's character was rescued in the jungle by a group of martial artists of various styles and trained to unify these different styles of martial arts. Sequel to the infamous Ong Bak, the movie also features again rising famous martial arts actor Tony Jaa(Ong Bak, Tom Yum Goong wahaha my fevourate movies). This time Tony Jaa even directs this movie, which is one of the biggest and most expensive movies ever made in Thailand. Will Ong Bak 2 do better than the first movie? Featuring quite a number of different martial arts, the sequel promises non-stop martial arts action that will blow you away. Go GO~~tOny


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