Love to travel weeee~~

Even though there are offers from both of our local airlines. You see the fares are cheap in the advert but once you go online to check, voila its super duper expensive horrrr with the fuel surcharge & taxes. I dislike going to tr avel fairs because it gives me a big headachehope i go home by bus hehe.... The local travel agents promote ground packages mostly. So you have to check the airfares first then add up the ground arrangements. Of course they do have those all inclusive packages but those are usually group tours on fixed dates. This means less flexibility. Although they maybe cheaper, its not so flexible as the ones that you arrange on your own .. the free & easy type.

I hope that i can travel to Japan weee... Bali and medan with fiera sound nice huhu....maybe a much easier target but the rest is kinda difficult due to the cost involved. With Malaysia Airlines, the airfare is no longer that cheap for international and there is none for domestic now just depaent on to Airasia... The taxes being most often the killer. Hmmmppphhhh....rite most popular public bus lor..


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