I'm a n0Body boRed liKe hELL

Have I mentioned that I have a yarn addiction problem? I do. I’m trying to control it now by not purchasing anything I don’t have a specific pattern/project for already and by figuring out what to do with the stash I do have....perhaps...i got one

The whole knitting/yarn hahaha..... thing is still a bit weird to me,i do painting... Usually by now I’ve given up on whatever my newly acquired hobby is and moved on to something else. Examples, you say?

* Learning to play the guitar went poorly hahaha my frieand next door tryed to hard teach me playing guitar..but...always get wrong..then give up lol~. I had the guitar, I had the “teach yourself” book, I did not have the time.
* Scrapbooking? Well, still something I do once in a while, but I’m less into scrapbooking my pictures now and more into scrapbooking themes or events. The current plan is to take all my old concert tickets and put them in a book together. The vision in my head is very cool, I hope it looks that good when it’s done.
* Sewing? When I bought material to make cloths? Never made one. My mom good at sewing becouse she open tailor shop heh..I got stuck on laying out the pattern and once I figured that out, I never got any further. I would actually like to complete at least one of the my t-shirt, if only Riley wouldn’t bark at the sewing machine…
* Other crafty things I learned from my mom? I lost interest in a matter of months, if not weeks.

So, the fact that I’m still drawing over. The only other things that have kept my attention this long are books and school. I like learning the new skill's miss home too,want to do cooking..i can make all kind dishes, making something that I can happy, wear, and being able to make things for people (although I’m just getting into that part of it now). I think it helps that I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on some of my completed projects, too. When you make something cool, it’s a sense of accomplishment. When other people comment on your cool item, it makes you feel good.

p/s: i like art, drawing make me happy~~


CaPiQa said...

the drawings! they're something.


muSHANG-muSHANG said...

hehe..u seing it nicee...

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