what a jerk!

... because of my insecurities and emotions...
I'm in an madness and things were great, until i got too emotionally involved. Now i cant stop thinking about my past...what a jerk im!
I love her greatly, every second of my day, i think of her...and this is interfering with my personal life.
I'm in university and recently I've started having problems with her, basically coz I'm insecure and too emotional n will say things without thinking. My wrong..have a desire to achieve through force n be arrogant. I have been with her and haven't seen her for around 1 years now, and wont see her is too far away..
for the last years things were fine until now
i don't know what has gotten into me..this is the girl i wanna spend my whole life with, and now here i am throwing her away by caring too much about her...
does anyone know how to stop being insecure or emotional...
I've read tons of books and articles...nothings helping me!
my whole life is being affected with bad!


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