Aishiteru 愛してる~~

As for things like that, it’s already fine either way
No matter how I wish and hope
There are many unchangeable things in this world, right?
That’s right, and because only the fact of my loving you
Is the truth unchangeable by anyone

I want to overcome the thousands of nights and tell it to you..with you only..
There’s something that I must tell you
In this broad world, I can’t express the joy of encountering you with words
So we smile, sing about the vividly passing days in happy with laughing..
Turn our backs on rain, wait for the sunlight streaming through trees in cold days
And become reborn anew, so that we can protect someone

On the path we came from and our destination, when we looked back, I’d always have timid eyes
I want to face you, but I can’t be honest
I, who repeated days of not being able to straightforwardly love my partner
And hated being alone on that day
Seemed to love people while unwounded

I’ll overcome the thousands of nights and go meet you now sheep
I found one answer; that even if I’m scared
Even if I’m hurt, I can say “I love you” to the person who I love
Even if those thoughts aren’t fulfilled, I can say “I love you” to the person who I love
I scared you will run away again...leave me behind and never come back
Those i really miss you so much..this worst pain i ever have ever known..


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