Emm..Rainy day again...

This morning, when I woke up, started to think bout it 'Wanna go to class or not??' It was rain, I thought it will be stop but it seems not. 1 thing that I wont ever do before I went to class when it was rain, I wont bring umbrella he he...or rite a bus, So I ran through the rain and become a wet. After I reached class, I started thinking why I wanna came to class with this kinda whether? It will make things better if I stayed at room for rest. Cause now I am still a patient. huk2..

I don know whether when was the rain stop. But I more concern bout whom am I facing. Rather not to talk bout it cause it will makes wars I think. Me, Jaja & Shukriaa enjoyed much time today. While much of teacher finish up there lesson fast so that we chit chat around. The most unlucky thing was Arief attended the class, I ran through the rain cause of you but you din attended class bcoz he ges by bike. We talked bout much more and I realize much more.

Test coming but I din even start not in the mood at all.. This attitude must not seen on a U student! But I am heartless, I din have that mood to start. OMG~ it shouldn't be. More stuff to suffer, more things to worry. It won end cause it were just to be start. Admit it! I am not strong enough! Be original but I must change...atoii..


oyen said...

study la wey!


muSHANG-muSHANG said...

eh...hehe...baekk study2..go go~~

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