How stupid could i be?

Funny how the years,they just pass us by seems like yesterday, you were in my life you always wanted to start a new happy life, I was way too young, I was runnin' free, playing around....
If you could only see me now, you'd realise I'm not the one who made you cry you gave yourself,
I didn't see it You died in me, I should have saved you Wish you were here with me..

I thought i knew it all, how stupid could i be I think of what i had, And it makes me weep..
Sometimes,You hurt the ones who love you most a and sometimes, you hold the ones who leave you lost..
And sometimes you learn, but it's too late, It's too late You gave yourself and either me,

Why was i too blind to see wish you were here with me...

Since the raining heavily outside, like tears from your eyes,there's no reason recalling,
The pain you felt inside, and I know you're feeling like,
And I know you're wondering, why you should stay, why you should stay you feel that change is coming, but you're so afraid inside, I know your hearts been broken,
Oh way too many times, and i know you're feeling like,
You should run away, run away.....
since i still blind to see it once more....
falling in love with person that i never meet...


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