cant sleep! 3 o'clock in the morning, something's on my mind

And the exact truth is impossible to ascertain and in my opinion, no energy and time needs to be wasted on this.

I used to regret doing things, and doing them wrong. Now, I mostly regret not doing things. That regret drives me to take on every opportunity that I come across, but all those commitments are really starting to wear me down.

There is no changing the past, so I try not to let my past haunt me. I’ve often found the best way to deal with these issues is to allow myself to feel the regret fully, analyze the s
ituation, determine what I should have done, rehearse the solution in my mind, regret things a bit more, then let it go.

If I’ve learned my lesson from my regret, then it has served its purpose and doesn’t have a purpose anymore.Maybe this method would work for me.I have very regrets, recently, I just let go of a huge one.

It’s very freeing to let go of regret – once you’ve learned the lesson i perhaps needed to learn. I really try to live life, to it’s fullest and take things as lessons.
My regrets, usually come from not acting on something or not listening to my inner voice. Mainly from not listening to myself.

I have learned from experience, not to open my mouth without listening to both sides… and as happens always, the versions from the others side and the “other” side were quite and significantly different – I got a distinct impression that some blatant lies were being let loose. All this is old hat for me, so I did not bother to counter or argue since I have always held that in matters such as these “The truth is always somewhere in between.”

If regrets and it’s something i can fix, work on or decide to let go, i will do it. It’s such a burden!

i really regrets
it for my whole life.....

i can't stain it anymore, its killing me softly...


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