What if...

What if I did that rather than did this?
What if I did what I thought was right?
What if I was right and you were wrong?
What if I was wrong for so long?

What if I don’t do anything?
What if I come up with something?
What if I listen to my heart?
What if I play the other part?

What if the sun is not coming up today?
What if the moon doesn’t want to be here tonight?
What if I walk on the wrong way?
What if I stand up and fight?

What if I talk the talk?
What if I walk the walk?
What if I turn around?
What if I go down?

What if…
What if…
So many what ifs…
What if we cut all the what ifs?

what if i meet fiera kittenz one day in someday n nowhere? i gonna be happy! then...


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