Found sleep and now I know tired

there are only whispers for you.

i hadn't been, not much.. sleeping, that is and there was no reason, or any desire to find it, rest. and so i wandered through my days and saw light, soft glow, in every little place, even the darkest. there were smiles, real ones. there were bits of time, instants where head was drawn to a pillow or any object that might suffice, but it was brief and never felt as if i'd closed my eyes, even when i knew everyone did, her thoughts spilled from moist eyes.

and then i found it, again.. slept hours, for hours and now i know tired. now i know the feeling of utter exhaustion. now i know the sleep that forces tears at smile across unattainable lips. now, there is too much, and she said, i just want it forever. sometimes, i don't want to wake up.
I am the one who stood beside you and smiled as we embarked upon our love. I am the one who stood beside you, comforting you as you wept for it all, smiling to see the passion and emotion in your eyes. I am the one who stood beside you as we ran away in our dreamland, smiling in contentment. I am the one who stood beside you, weeping, as we grew apart in our minds.

I am the one who laughing beside you, that last time, and though we both knew it for an ending, still I smiled because I was glad that it had happened at all. I am the one who was jealous of him, don't know dint i? though I smiled ironically at myself, for you had always been so jealous of my female friends. I am the one who stood by when the two of you got together, and I was happy, because I wanted you to be happy sheep.

I am the one who stood beside you and smiled forever...


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