Apy BesDay sheEp!!!

Ordinary girl, it seems this ordinary world has taken hold
And you can't feel a thing anymore
Why do they, they just stand and stare

Couldn't decide what to say, so you left
And now you live it down
On this side of the city they don't get
That these shiny things will fade away
Ordinary Girl you'll find your way
it seems this ordinary world has taken hold

They will tear you down
Girl I'm going crazy, I can't get you off my mind
Seems like the only thing that I think about is you all the time
I have no words to express the way I feel about you
I've found my heart's desire girl it's you
You give me everything that I want, you give me more than I need
What's a guy to give a girl who seems to have everything
Too much time is never enough time to be spent with you..yes it's true

you always speak your mind you're one of a kind
I can see it in your eyes..

I've been around here for a while and yes I've seen some things
But nothing even comes close to the love that you bring
You know exactly who you are, you know just who you want to be
I can't believe this love is happening to me

So much fear to face to get me where I am
It's clear for me to see this was never my plan
Here we are now girl, just me and you
Loving every minute that I spend with you...


JaWaHiR_18 said...

huhu..very lovely...


muSHANG-muSHANG said...

huhu tankz jawahir :)

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