hanging out..but..

Did you have a nice relaxing weekend? Good for you - I am SO jealous!

On Friday night I got back from an seminar at Kulim. So damn boring.
I checked my messages and and rumate was apparently just silent then and still mad at me he he...
Off to Arief to going out. By it was 12:30pm.
Sunday morning bright and early, my friends agree to hanging together. Poor Fatirah was running a significant fever - so her got to stay at the room n well 4 of us hanging out to Queensbay, because at ther got Travel Fair, Amy want make the assignment related to tourist n so ever...n others got something own mind buying new cloths, so do i.,
In the past when I went out with people I often didn't have a lot of fun. I didn't really enjoy the company of the people I was supposedly hanging out with. I was physically with the group, but mentally I was on my own unhappy little island. I was too serious, touchy, and anal about things. I felt bored and agitated and usually left for home before everyone else, and I was glad to get out of there. Sound familiar?

When it comes to hanging out with my friends, one can be sure that it is going to be absolutely amusing and unlimited fun. Puri the one is so excited. The talks seem to go on forever and any silly topic can become a point of lengthy discussions. Ther make laugh all the time, funny..Be it the latest trend in jewelry, the latest gadgets, old classic movies, the cute strangers next door, work related pressures, there is no end to the list. In this stressful age, getting together with friends has become a luxury than a daily routine. Consider yourself lucky if you get to hang around with friends often...having fun and fullaround like kinda kids untill nite n went back around 8pm..
Hanging out one-on-one, or in a small group, with like minded people was easy, but I knew that in any other cases I crashed and burned. I slowly learned to loosen up and have more fun with all kinds of people. More accurately, you could say I acquired more realistic standards about what hanging out with people entailed, things I should have caught on to long ago but didn't due to my loner nature. Here are some traits that may facilitate you in hanging out with other people..

Here we are Sunday morning actually already afternoon before went thr- and Fatirah is still sick. Her has a fever which responds to med but returns as soon as they wear off, no significant blood issues, no problems eating or pooping. Very, very weird!hi hi ..onathers boring week as flowing away~~

Anyway, we shall see how her does...Get well soon!


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