A white chemistry still missing!

Spending all my nights, all my money going out on the town doing anything just to get you off of my mind...
But when the morning comes, Im right back where I started again to trying to forget you is just a waste of time.

Its ok to be stubborn, any kind of fool could see there was something in everything about you,
Its ok getting mad, you can blame it all on me I was wrong, and I just can't live without you,
All day long, wearing a mask of false and guilty to trying to keep up the smile that hides a tear but as the sun, goes down, I get that empty feeling again how I wish to God that you were here.

Sheep where are you now? any kind of fool could see there was something in everything about you,
Now that I put it all together give me the chance to make you see have you used up all the love in your heart.
Nothing left for me, ain't there nothing left for me....


nadia_saleh said...

i could see someone is trying so hard in here..
believe me in one thing,
when we want it the most,there is no easy way out..

keep on moving k bro..
one day whtever yours will be forever yours..

muSHANG-muSHANG said...

when we want it the most,there getting me crazy la..hampeh tol..
dunno wht the hell im doing waste of time..
im write i expres is beyond my control..
how could jus one girl turn me like this..
so amazing..
either trying so hard they nothnig come out..
thakz alots nadia...

nadia_saleh said...

have u tried doing nothing?
hehe..who knows it may turn up to be the solution...

muSHANG-muSHANG said...

trying like im the one felt lost my mind..
im lettle bit 'evil' last3 time..a year nw,
sooo...emm this a kind punisment frm God mybe...
Guyz,think im strong,just small matter to handle bt in othr ways.....i really stunt!
hopefully ur words become true..amin!

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