All Around Memories

In memory of you..for years I have been painting your face, picturing and not seeing more over..disappear by time, writing you from my myth, that swept around me a girl dressed all in cream, veils attached to her fingertips. It was months ago since I last saw you, with laughing eyes walking into the streets. Your smiles flashed and clanged with mine, why...still felt u really far away even just the crossroad and the toss of your head made me smirk and cringe. I did not touch you, with my soiled hands,

itchy with the creases of fears....fears of guiltiness's...

Instead, I grasped my brush, and I painted you into my skin, careless of the scratching bristles that made my eyes sting and my tongue fight to scream. why must this happened to me? because my stupidity come out first. Now I am with you every day, seeing this acrylic painting staring back at me and smiling because you have to and I cannot see past your carefully groomed hair.

I read about you once, closing my eyes and feeling your words sweep and enclose, and I loved you then. Now I am faced with your silence, as the paint, so carefully applied, begins to crack and my hands are still, empty of varnish as I stand back and watch your mottled, unforgiving tears...


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