swallowing my pride never easy

'PRIDE' Let me stop you there before you think of anything else. I am the type of person who regards of himself highly. It's not being conceited. There's a line between being arrogant and giving yourself self-importance. Although I admit that line is thin but I think I know where i stand and not to cross over to the cocky, jackass side. It's just who I am. So believe me when I say it is incredibly tough for me to take the first move, for me to say something first or to put myself out in the open. But sometimes it's not pride anymore that stops you from doing things that you may think is silly or might end up badly. Pride becomes merely a shield. It's just a guard or defense. Pride means having to say NO because you just don't want it. But there are things that you want so badly but you're just afraid to reach out for it. I guess that's what they call cowardice.

SO what does one do when you want something badly but can't make that first step towards it? Their strategy is to hide behind their "pride". Pretend they don't want it. Pretend it doesn;t matter they're hurting so much because of it. They ignore it. "Ignorance is bliss," so they say. They act happy, feeding their thoughts with "I'm better of without it her," whatever it is.

Love and Pride does not mix. That's why there's such a saying as "Love Humbly". You can't not swallow your pride when you're in love. In most relationships, when there comes a big fight, one has to humbly swallow their pride to admit that it's their fault even when it's not. And that is very hard foe me to do. This must explain why I'm felt really jerk right now. If you give in your pride so easily then that's called desperation. If you wait too long, it would slip away and dissipate.

I can swallow my pride because of love, is not an easy way me to do that believe me, it's not easy... to sheep is totally different, i don't care and doesn't matter either to love you once more time, im still thinking of you...
Then how do you know when's the right time to swallow...your pride?


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